Jeremy Goldstein, Man of the Law

Business is booming for lawyers in the New York area. This is because the New York State Bar Association has developed it’s service a bit further. Initially is worked to connect clients with lawyers in nearby areas via a telephone service but now it does this as well as connect people with lawyers through an online portal that can be accessed 24 hours a day. In association with, the New York State Bar Association reviews every lawyer in it’s system to make sure they’re in good standing and then forwards information to them about people who are in need of their services.


The process has and will continue to be simple. All the prospective client has to do is go online and fill out a form with the appropriate information. From there the information is forwarded to an appropriate lawyer who also practices nearby. The New York State Bar Association goes over the form and sends out the referrals. Referrals are free but services beyond that will necessitate a fee depending on the circumstances of the client. After the referral the client is able to get a consultation but is held under no obligation to go with the service of the lawyer if they do not wish.


The service has been proven to help drive business to lawyers. It also helps people with their legal problems. It is a win win for both parties involved. To date, it’s been documented that there are over 72,000 members in the New York State Bar Association.


Jeremy Goldstein has most notably been involved in numerous business acquisitions. Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in several corporate governance matters as well. He also writes and speaks often on executive compensation issues.


Jeremy Goldstein is found of Jeremy Goldstein and Associates. He has a J.D. from New York University of Law. He also has a M.S. from Chicago University.


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Fruitful, Smooth, and Evolutionary

Evolution of Smooth, did you know that’s what EOS stood for?? Well now you do, and you’re about to know a few more things about the product that has become so popular in the oral care industry, see for more stories.

To begin with, EOS lip balms are all-natural, meaning they are 95% organic, paraben and petrolatum free, and gluten free! This magical cocktail of ingredients ensures soft, smooth, and moisturized lips. They come in a wide range of both fruity and minty flavors. Such flavors include, Lemon Drop, Wildberry, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Vanilla Mint, Sweet Mint, and many more. Each flavor comes packaged in a different pastel colored sphere that matches the flavor.

These spheres twist to open however there is no need to take time in twisting once the cap is off because the balm is already accessible. This aspect of the EOS balms makes them more hygienic than the original packaging of lip balms that take time to twist up and are therefore exposed to germs for longer.

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Use these EOS lip balms to keep lips protected and moisturized all day and night. Due to lightweight nature of the lip balms they work perfectly as a primer for lipstick or simply a subtle covering for the lips.  Blog here.

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Mike Baur is a Household Name in the Banking Sector

Mike Baur has developed a strong reputation in the Swiss banking sector. The proven businessman is the co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory, a Zurich based accelerator with the aim of helping upstart and aspiring entrepreneurs reach their goals. The company offers a three month program that provides coaching, mentoring, and other services to participants. The program also makes opportunities available to individuals that would otherwise not be. It boasts that its program participants are more ready for the grueling banking industry upon completion and less likely to make crucial business mistakes.


Baur realized he had a strong interest in the banking sector early on in his career. Little did he know that interest would turn into a very successful career in Swiss Private Banking spanning close to two decades. It wasn’t always smooth sailing for the Swiss entrepreneur and businessman. He worked his way from the bottom as a commercial apprentice at UBS to becoming a board member of Clariden Leu, a large Swiss private bank based in Zurich.


After leaving Clariden Leu, Baur invested in various startup enterprises before co-founding Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 alongside his two partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. He has been accredited as the overseer of much of the fundraising and financing rounds at the Swiss Startup Factory.


In early 2016, Swiss Startup Factory merged with CTI. The merger led to Baur being appointed deputy managing director of CTI Invest. Almost simultaneously, the Swiss Startup Factory collaborated with Fintech Fusion. The Swiss Startup Factory is currently the largest independently and privately owned ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland.


Mike Baur knew if he wanted to fulfill his dreams he would need access to higher education. Mike set out on the road to becoming a scholar, attending the University of Economics and Administration in Berne where he earned an Executive MBA. He also possesses an MBA from the University of Rochester New York.


Mike Baur has accomplished so much in a relatively short amount of time. He is a world renowned professional in the banking sector. Many people are just curious to know how he did it. Even the Wall Street Journal, who in late 2016, profiled Baur’s early career.


The Prestigious History of The Wessex Institute of Technology

The Wessex Institute of Technology, or WIT as it is known, is located in a gorgeous National Park called New Forest. There are 3 core parts of WIT, they are Research, Conferences, and Publishing respectively. Wessex Institute of Technology boasts a talented and wide-ranging Board of Directors, rounding out with 16 Professors from Spain, Canada, Germany and many more places. WIT collaborates with several other Institutes on projects in Italy, Spain, the UK, and Brazil.If you want to learn more about them: Click here.

The Wessex Institute of Technology Conferences awards an annual medal called the Prigogine Medal and also started to award another medal called the George Green Medal in 2014. WIT organizes 20 to 30 conferences every year, and these are all collaborations with other Institutes, with the goal of data and information sharing. WIT has been a prestigious Institute since its opening and will continue to be for many years to come.


Jason Hope – Serial Entrepreneur and a Futurist Based in Arizona

Jason Hope is known across the United States as one of the leading technology entrepreneurs and a futurist. He believes that the smart technology of today would be replaced by the Internet of Things technology in the times to come. Jason Hope says that more or less every tech devices we used today would be connected in the future, and it would be of great help to the organizations as well as the individuals in the future. Starting from making morning coffee to gathering data regarding air traffic, the Internet of Things technology can make a great impact on human lives.

As per one of the leading technology research firms, Gartner Inc, more than 25 billion devices would be connected in the future. Jason Hope says one of the industries that would be tremendously helped by the Internet of Things technology is the aviation sector as the new technology would improve and impact every aspect of the aviation industry. Starting from improving safety to increasing the bar of customer service as well as helping travelers to personalize their travel, and much more, the Internet of Things has many implications in this industry. Many of the leading aviation companies are already looking at the potential of the Internet of Things technology, and Virgin Atlantic already have all their Boeing 787s connected. It makes it easier for the ground staff to collect data about any fault in the plane’s machinery or if it needs any repairs, and if there are any changes in its schedules.

Jason Hope, as one of the leading futurists and investor in the futuristic technology, also donates to the SENS Research Foundation. It is because he feels that the process of aging can be reversed if there is more advanced research conducted on the cellular level. It would help in extending the lifespan of the people and also help treat many degenerative diseases. Jason Hope is based in Arizona, where he completed graduation from the Arizona University and went on to join WP Carey School of Business, where he completed Masters in Business Administration.Read full article: Here.

Jim Tananbaum the Start-Ups Guru

Jim Tananbaum’s healthcare entrepreneurial and investment strategist experience of twenty-five years brought about the idea of Foresite Capital. A company that supply networks, information, and capital to new healthcare leaders. Healthcare innovation intrigues Jim. He is always looking forward to how new inventions that are made to tackle needs that are yet to be met. Mr. Tananbaum loves to study, he keeps looking for best and brightest solutions in science. Apart from learning, he loves to spend time with his family and especially having dinner together.

According to Jim Tananbaum, entrepreneurs should be individuals who are not afraid to take risks. He wished he believed in himself and taken the risk sooner. Mr. Tananbaum strategy to his successful business is to always think ahead, look at how things will be tomorrow and collaborate with the best. Even successful entrepreneurs at some point hit a wall and it is no different with Jim. In 2009, he had an opportunity to invest in companies that need capital, but his partners were reluctant. He decided to move out in 2010, but he could not get investors. Despite the hard situation, he worked tirelessly to bring his company to its feet and finally it paid off.

Jim’s education

Jim has a Bachelor of Science with major in Math and Computer Science from Yale University and a Master of Science in Information Theory from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Tananbaum also has an MBA from Harvard Business School. Even in high school, Jim Tananbaum had a passion for bringing together science, technology, and healthcare. Visit Medium to know more.

Jim Tananbaum’s career

Jim Tananbaum started his career at GelTex where he was the Co-founder and CEO and later became a board member when the company was acquired by Genzyme. He joined Sierra Ventures as a Partner and later he co-founded Theravance. From 2001 he was the Co-founder and Managing Director at Prospect Venture Partners and then went to Foresite Capital. The company has invested in more than seventy healthcare companies. His persistence, commitment, and his team’s dynamics have seen Foresite Capital grow and expand to what it is. Check out his page

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Wessex Careers UK

A professional seeking employment through the Wessex Institute of Technology recognises that this prominent school has gained respect in the worldwide scientific community. It requires the utmost dedication to research, and the ability to reproduce discoveries for veneration by the world’s leading scientific, industrial, and educational professionals.

Anyone seeking employment through the Wessex Institute of Technology must possess the ability to demonstrate how their work and passion can contribute to the exceptional academic environment of the school, while positing innovative ideas for future research. The WIT is excited to work with experts in many fields, and invites qualified individuals to submit their personal work as a prelude to a great career in the engineering and environmental sciences.

MB2 Dental Solutions: Transforming Dental Clinics, Transforming Dentists’ Lives

With the increasing competition in the medical sector, doctors all over have to try to do more than just offer services to their patients. In the era where marketing and service need to be top notch, customers always expect a lot more than just a treatment when they enter a doctor’s clinic. Especially when it comes to orthodontists since it is usually the kind of treatment that requires multiple visits.

In trying to appeal to so many things that patients want it becomes easy for dentists to get lost in the overhaul of things and put the actual job of working with the patients at the backseat. Most dentists don’t do this because they want to, but because they have to. Read more: Dr. Akhil Reddy | LinkedIn

Since there are so many doctors in the sector, it becomes easy to end up with an unsuccessful practice, which is something no doctor wants after putting year’s worth of effort into reaching the position they are in.

Crunchbase believes that MB2 Dental Solutions was founded with the intention of being a solution to dentists all over the country. Founded by people who are extremely well versed in the field, the organization aims to provide doctors with the kind of services that they would need to assist them at their clinic. No more do doctors have to learn to juggle seven things at once.

MB2 Dental Solutions aims to lift the strain and pressure that doctors are facing so that they can focus on doing what they do best, which is treating patients. Right from human resources to administration, MB2 Dental Solutions does it all. With a team of experts who are trained very well in their field, dentists can be assured that their clinic is in the best hands.

MB2 Dental Solutions has had a significant number of doctors choose this solution as an excellent way to help them run a successful practice.

MB2 Dental Solutions currently is operational in six states in the country and houses a highly proficient list of doctors who are dedicated to offering their patients a superior quality of dental treatments.

With a view to helping doctors, even more, MB2 Dental Solutions offers two distinct plans, which dentists can pick according to their preference. By giving them the option to either be integrated into one of their existing clinics or by enabling them to let MB2 Dental Solutions take over their practice, the company has helped doctors tremendously.

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Stop Fighting With Your Hair and Try WEN Hair Care Products

If you’re curious about WEN hair care products but aren’t quite ready to commit yet, then you can read about Emily McClure, who tried WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner for a week. You can also read the original article in Bustle here.

On day one of using WEN Sweet Almond Cleansing Conditioner, Emily noticed that her hair felt thicker and she even lost fewer strands in the shower than usual.

On day two, her roots felt more greasy than usual but after showering, her hair was once again shiny and bouncy.

On day three, her roots weren’t as ily as the previous morning and after her shower, and styling as usual, her hair felt shiny and healthy.

On day five, Emily has a great hair day after her routine of showering and styling as usual. Her waves did tend to fall more quickly, though.

Overall, WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner is a really great product that will make your hair stronger, thicker and overall more healthy and manageable.

WEN hair care products are made from natural ingredients and are made to specifically strengthen the natural beauty of hair. They are sulfate-free so they won’t strip hair of it natural moisture and when your hair can be healthy, it will grow not only stronger, but faster.

WEN hair care products were developed by Chaz Dean,, a man who is very passionate about hair. His list of clients includes celebrities and he styles hair for fashion and award shows on YouTube.

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Wild Ark – article recap

Experience the Diversity that is Costa Rica


In many ways, Costa Rica is practically the birth place of ecotourism. Always a favorite Central American destination for tourist, in the early 1990s Costa Rican started to be concerned about maintaining some of its endangered natural environment. Ecotourism was seen as an opportunity to expand their tourist industry while preserving their natural habitat. Ecotourism helps to support the national parks and many wildlife protected areas that make up 26% of the country and are some of the best parks in Latin America.


What makes Costa Rica so special is not only some of the most pristine natural landscapes in the Western Hemisphere, but the myriad of different ecosystems in relatively small country. Shrouded rain forests and foaming river rapids can be easily reached from quant colonial cities. Black sand beaches and wetlands are only hours away from volcanos. It is a paradise for naturalist with a dazzling array of flora and fauna from sloths to crocodiles, and jaguars to sea turtles. It may also have the best selection of amphibious wildlife in the region. Years of experience and careful planning has develop a sustainable infrastructure that allows tourists to explore natural preserves without damaging them.


When you are planning your trip abroad, take time to check out Wild Ark’s vast array of services. Founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, Wild Ark was their dream of a way to preserve the world’s biodiversity. Wild Ark offers a vast array of opportunities to experience some of the vanishing ecosystems around the world. Their team of dedicated conservationist will help create a trip that you will treasure forever. Moreover, your Wild Ark vacation to a unique destination helps to sustain that ecosystem for future generations, helping you to make a positive contribution. Contact them at to see about setting up your once-in-a-lifetime adventure.