Kim Dao Goes To Her First K-Pop Concert In Japan

Anyone who knows anything about Korean Pop must have come across the boy band High4 by now. Beauty YouTuber Kim Dao recently got a chance to see this band live in Japan with her friend Sunny. Luckily for the world, Kim Dao filmed the entire experience and posted it on her vlog channel under the title “Going to a KPOP concert in JAPAN! ft. Sunnydahye.”


Kim Dao starts off her video admitting that she’s not a huge conissuer of K-Pop, but she’s down to give High4 a try. Also, she mentions that Sunny is a close friend with one of the band members, so both Kim is excited to meet a celebrity before the concert.


After this brief introduction, Kim Dao and Sunny head off to Shibuya to meet High4 backstage. After a tiring walk uphill to the theatre, Kim Dao and Sunny decide to purchase a few drinks in a convenience store.


A few moments later, Kim Dao takes us backstage to meet with Alex, a singer in High4. Alex says he’s a huge Pokémon fan, so Kim Dao finds a great deal to talk about with him. After a few minutes, Alex has to go on stage to rehearse, so Kim and Sunny just chill backstage while waiting for the concert to begin.


Once the concert starts, Kim Dao takes some great shots of High4 singing and dancing. Anyone interested in hearing this band’s unique style will definitely enjoy this part of the vlog.

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After the concert, Kim Dao rests in a Shibuya café and plays some Pokémon Go with Sunny. She then goes to the Korea Town of Tokyo and eats a fine meal with Alex and Sunny. After their meal, they all got to a Don Quijote store in Tokyo.

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