The Prestigious History of The Wessex Institute of Technology

The Wessex Institute of Technology, or WIT as it is known, is located in a gorgeous National Park called New Forest. There are 3 core parts of WIT, they are Research, Conferences, and Publishing respectively. Wessex Institute of Technology boasts a talented and wide-ranging Board of Directors, rounding out with 16 Professors from Spain, Canada, Germany and many more places. WIT collaborates with several other Institutes on projects in Italy, Spain, the UK, and Brazil.If you want to learn more about them: Click here.

The Wessex Institute of Technology Conferences awards an annual medal called the Prigogine Medal and also started to award another medal called the George Green Medal in 2014. WIT organizes 20 to 30 conferences every year, and these are all collaborations with other Institutes, with the goal of data and information sharing. WIT has been a prestigious Institute since its opening and will continue to be for many years to come.