Jason Hope – Serial Entrepreneur and a Futurist Based in Arizona

Jason Hope is known across the United States as one of the leading technology entrepreneurs and a futurist. He believes that the smart technology of today would be replaced by the Internet of Things technology in the times to come. Jason Hope says that more or less every tech devices we used today would be connected in the future, and it would be of great help to the organizations as well as the individuals in the future. Starting from making morning coffee to gathering data regarding air traffic, the Internet of Things technology can make a great impact on human lives.

As per one of the leading technology research firms, Gartner Inc, more than 25 billion devices would be connected in the future. Jason Hope says one of the industries that would be tremendously helped by the Internet of Things technology is the aviation sector as the new technology would improve and impact every aspect of the aviation industry. Starting from improving safety to increasing the bar of customer service as well as helping travelers to personalize their travel, and much more, the Internet of Things has many implications in this industry. Many of the leading aviation companies are already looking at the potential of the Internet of Things technology, and Virgin Atlantic already have all their Boeing 787s connected. It makes it easier for the ground staff to collect data about any fault in the plane’s machinery or if it needs any repairs, and if there are any changes in its schedules.

Jason Hope, as one of the leading futurists and investor in the futuristic technology, also donates to the SENS Research Foundation. It is because he feels that the process of aging can be reversed if there is more advanced research conducted on the cellular level. It would help in extending the lifespan of the people and also help treat many degenerative diseases. Jason Hope is based in Arizona, where he completed graduation from the Arizona University and went on to join WP Carey School of Business, where he completed Masters in Business Administration.Read full article: Here.

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Government and enterprise technology appreciate Eric Pulier’s efforts

Eric Pulier is SOA Software’s Executive chairman. He is recognized for his entrepreneurship success in the government and enterprise technology. Eric has co-founded several companies that attracted the attention of several renowned venture capital firms.

His prospect and reputation through the years attracted these venture capital groups to finance his companies, hence the evidenced success. These companies include; enterprise professional services such as US Interactive, virtual desktops such as Desktone, enterprise cloud management, ServiceMesh and the famous service oriented infrastructure, SOA Software.

VAR Business named Eric Pulier as one of the 30 great e-Visionaries. He is a celebrated, worldwide public speaker in different leading technology conferences. Mr. Eric is also a published author. He takes part in the Bill Clinton Global Initiative, and is a founder as well as Executive Director of the TMForum’s Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council.

Eric Pulier has an unbeaten track record in the industry. The entrepreneur and philanthropist are currently an Innovation board member at the X-Prize Foundation. Despite his humble and modest beginnings, Eric Pulier has made it big in the industry. He developed his interest for Computer Programming ever since he was young.

As Eric grew up, he also developed a passion for technology and how it makes daily lives easier and different. His first technology company was a database firm, which he started in his teenage years. Later, he went to study at Håvard and MIT. He was one of the Håvard Crimson’s writers. He also showed commendable interest in public relations and academics. It was after leaving Håvard that he co-founded different companies in various industries.

The philanthropist has assisted in raising millions of dollars and assisting charitable organizations and other funds. Trident Capital, eCompanies and Monitor Ventures are perfect examples of beneficiaries. The public has had a huge share of benefits from Eric as well. He runs the Pulier Founded Starbright World. This is a social network aimed at helping children with severe childhood illnesses. Such children can network and share their daily experiences. He is a board member at the Painted Turtle where the children with chronic diseases camp.