On the Hunt for Dangerous Criminals with Securus Technologies

This month my team of fugitive hunters were looking for a very dangerous suspect who was committing crimes and making sure that he would rub authorities faces in it. Each time he robbed a bank or held up a convenience store, he posted something online to show his latest haul. My superiors were getting heat from the state, and my ream was getting embarrassed as the news stations began making us look like we could not do our job.


The trouble with this fugitive was he had a huge network of friends who would do anything to help him stay free. Not only were they buying the items he stole, they would provide him shelter, transportation, drugs, and even cover when the police got close. We knew getting information from these folks was a waste of time because they kept giving us misinformation so he could stay a step ahead.


At the local jail, we discovered he had a few enemies that were locked up because of being associated with crimes he committed. Although they would not talk to us directly, we had a secret weapon on our side. Securus Technologies is the team that installed the inmate call monitoring system throughout that prison, and it enables officers to get a peek into what really is being said on every call. The fact these same systems are in 2,500 jails is a testament to their effectiveness.


While we were still in the jail talking to inmates, officers told us they were picking up alerts from inmates talking about us being there. One inmate called his family to warn them not to house our suspect because they were under surveillance. They were not up until that point, but they were after we listened in closely to that call and found our fugitive sleeping one night there.

Securus helped me keep from bankrupting my family while incarcerated

No one wants to find themselves on the inside of a jail cell. For the people who do find themselves on the inside of such a cell, they hope they spend as little time as possible. While this is an entirely understandable human reaction to being confined, it is not always a realistic one. Some races, statistically, are more likely to be convicted than others, whether they are guilty or not. In my case, I was guilty. It was a mistake and I regret it. I would understand if people choose not to believe these words. After all, how many times do people hear these words from a mouth of a prisoner leaving jail?


I will not go much into detail about the jail itself. The noise, the smells, and the lack of quality of the food must be experienced to be believed. I’ve experienced all things, and I do not wish anyone else to experience them. I am not someone who wants my suffering to be shared with others if I can help it. I have always been someone who wants to alleviate pain. Why was I imprisoned? I was caught with a few ounces of marijuana. A friend of mine had cancer and suffered from great pain daily. I thought I could bring it to him.


A police officer pulled me over for a broken tail light. It was bad luck as the tail light had been fine before the day before. He searched the car even though I objected. Officers do not always care about the law or the constitution. He found the marijuana and arrested me. I spent a few months in jail. While in jail, I tried to use phone cards to keep my collect call costs off of my family. Securus Technologies provided them at a reasonable price.

Securus Technologies Reacts to Global Tel Link’s Incorrect Press Release

Securus Technologies is a communication company based in the United States. Although its headquarters is based in Dallas, Texas, the company extends its services to North America. Securus Technologies provides its services to more than 1.2 million inmates in 3,450 jails in several States. Their services include communication, statistical management, inmate self-service, monitoring products and services, public information, crisis response, and incident management. Their mission is to make the world a safer place to live.


Securus Technologies’ response to GTL’s press release


In a press release, Global Tel Link suggests that Securus Technologies engages its competitors in vague accusations. For example, GTL accuses Securus Technologies for accusing them through the media to settle on the agreeable terms. In response, Securus Technologies demonstrated intelligence by developing an amicable solution in settling their grievances with companies that used their technology without proper licensing.


Additionally, Securus Technologies understands that legal litigation would cost them dearly and take much time to complete. In light to this, Securus Technologies questions Global Tel Link’s interest considering that it would adversely affect their company’s finance. The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, says that GTL’s approach to the patent case lacks logic. Securus Technologies’ dominance in the extensive patent portfolio was unquestionable; therefore, GTL’s motive remains unknown.


In response to the press release, Richard A. Smith stated that Securus Technologies would continue to defend itself while asserting its patent rights. Smith expressed his willingness to reinstitute his technological challenge with Global Tel Link. GTL’s numerous press releases were geared towards avoiding the challenge by Richard A. Smith, Securus Technologies’ CEO.



Securus Technologies Unveils Investigator Pro 4.0

Securus Technologies just announced the release of their latest technology, Investigator Pro 4.0 with searchable voice. The new software has been highly anticipated and offers numerous advances that will benefit the inmate communications system. View the company profile on Linkedin.com.

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of both civil and criminal justice technology solutions that include investigative services, corrections, monitoring, and public safety.   More information on Securus Technologies can be found here.

The release of the new software, Investigator Pro 4.0, has lots of valuable features including the ability to select voice samples from phone calls, either on the inmates end or the recipient of the call, and then use that sample to search for all other calls where those voices are used. This software may not sound like much, but in the correctional facilities it can help officers uncover many criminal activities including gang issues, nefarious activities, and connecting inmates to certain phone calls. This new feature means officers can now search by individual voices instead of just inmate PIN/ID numbers.

This searchable voice feature can now be combined with other analytical features of Investigator Pro like group tagging, and be used to create an incredibly powerful tool for officers to use to identify criminal networks and act to stop certain criminal activities. This update is expected to aid correctional facilities in lowering and preventing criminal activity within their walls and possibly even outside.