Contemar Mexico A Vision for the Future

Cotemar was founded in 1979 to serve the Mexican country Petroleos Mexicanos oil and gas operations. In 37 years, Cotemar has grown to lead the world in being the major off-shore oil and gas industry.


In 2016, Cotemar’s subsidiarity company, Oil Lifting Industry of Mexico was awarded the Cuichapa Poniente area contract.


Cotemar has strong values that include humility. They are not above knowing that they do not have all the answers and are willing to learn. They also have integrity. Cotemar is accountable and stands by their word to make sure the customers needs come first. This an ethical company that is consistently honest. They do not cut corners, especially when making sure their ships are top notch and very safe. Cotemar is continuously trying to learn new things and new ways of improving their service. One of their jobs is to create new and better ships with only the state-of-the-art parts on their vessels.



Cotemar plans to continue to improve their mission to become the best oil and gas service business in Mexico. Their vision includes making sure that their vessels are always up-to-date in operation. This company wants to have a thriving future in the global economy.



People who work for Cotemar can expect to become part of their training program. The training programs are designed to enhance the skills of the new employed. These new workers can also expect to be educated through programs that are top notch and come from prestigious international educational centers. They are committed to making their employees driven to be highly successful in the business. Cotemar is highly committed to being globally successful in the future.


The jobs are available in accommodations and catering, maritime support vessels, and construction, modernization, and maintenance areas. Anyone looking for a position can go to their website and apply online.

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