The Eggs of the Rainbow

EOS lip balm is 100% natural and 95% organic.

These bright fun lip balms are colored of all the hues rainbow recognized for their iconic orb and egg like shape that have dominated the market, revolutionizing the average chapstick. They are seen and can be purchased everywhere throughout your city from your local drug store to your shopping malls. They have been loved and a favorite choice by many famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus, and have been a favorite feature in multiple YouTube videos worldwide. Refer to this site for more,

What makes these babies one of a kind is that they made with all natural and organic ingriendents that keeps the lips fresh and moisturized all day long. They contain nourishing antioxidants , vitamins ,are paragon free, with shea butter and even jojoba oil to keep lips smooth. In addition, they are gluten free and petroleum free. They don’t contain petroleum like most, as lips can’t absorb this. After using one stroke of the lip balm, you instantly get moisture needed to heal lips leaving them soft, refreshed, and rejuvenated all day long. In addition, SPF protection is included to ensure protection and hydration needed from everyday sun rays. Your lips surely get all the essential vitamins to keep them healthy.

Eos has a variety of fun flavors that will surely get your tastebuds moving, check out here. One of the most popular flavors is the infamous Pomegranate Raspberry. This flavor taste exactly like the fruit pomegranate with mixed with both berries gives a beautiful flavor of a combination of exotic berries. The external packaging is a dark red color that represents a color of a berry.

Secondly, Blueberry Acai is a prevalent flavor that is filled with all zesty accents of a blue berry that will make your taste buds dance . Its aroma mimics a delicious blueberry candy. It’s blue hued outside layer make the egg’s ambiance distinctive and original amongst the other flavors. Go now and watch latest trend on

Sweet Mint is a fan favorite. Teal on the outside and creamy on the inside that will treat your lips . Its unique flavor screams spearmint that will make your tastebuds feel like pop rocks. It has a distinct strong powerful aroma that smells like a fresh.

Be sure to pickup an Eos today! Watch now!