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Experience the Diversity that is Costa Rica


In many ways, Costa Rica is practically the birth place of ecotourism. Always a favorite Central American destination for tourist, in the early 1990s Costa Rican started to be concerned about maintaining some of its endangered natural environment. Ecotourism was seen as an opportunity to expand their tourist industry while preserving their natural habitat. Ecotourism helps to support the national parks and many wildlife protected areas that make up 26% of the country and are some of the best parks in Latin America.


What makes Costa Rica so special is not only some of the most pristine natural landscapes in the Western Hemisphere, but the myriad of different ecosystems in relatively small country. Shrouded rain forests and foaming river rapids can be easily reached from quant colonial cities. Black sand beaches and wetlands are only hours away from volcanos. It is a paradise for naturalist with a dazzling array of flora and fauna from sloths to crocodiles, and jaguars to sea turtles. It may also have the best selection of amphibious wildlife in the region. Years of experience and careful planning has develop a sustainable infrastructure that allows tourists to explore natural preserves without damaging them.


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