Michael Lacey Education

Michael Lacey was born on September 26, 1959, in the United States of America and he is a mathematician. Graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science from Austin, University of Texas and got a Ph.D. in 1987 at Urbana Champaign, University of Illinois.

Lacey thesis concentrated on Banach spaces probability area and helped provide solutions to the problem relating to integrated logarithm law for functions of characteristics empirical. Over the years, Lacey work has concentrated on the areas relating to ergodic theory, harmonic analysis, and probability.

Michael Lacey Professional Background

Michael was an assistant professor at the Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge in 1987 to 1988. In 1988 to 1989 he was an assistant professor at the University of North California, Chapel Hill.

Michael held the same post at Indiana University, Bloomington between the years of 1989 to 1996. Michael Lacey became an associate professor warrant officer tenure at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta between the years 1996 to 1998 later becoming an associate professor in this same institute from 1998 to 2001. From 2001 to present, he is a full professor at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Michael Lacey honors

In the course of Lacey career as a mathematician, he has been honored on several occasions. In 1990, he was awarded NSF Postdoctoral Fellow. In 1997 he was awarded Prix Salem jointly with Christoph Thiele, the awarded is funded by the Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University. In 1998, he got 45 minutes address at the International Congress of Mathematicians, Berlin Germany.

He was awarded Guggenheim Fellow in 2004 and in 2008; he was honored at Fulbright Fellowship, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He received the Georgia Tech NSF-ADVANCE Mentoring award in 2012 and honored as Simons Fellow in the same year. In 2013, He was honored as an American Mathematical Fellow. He has many publications under his name that are useful to both the students and lecturers alike.

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