On the Hunt for Dangerous Criminals with Securus Technologies

This month my team of fugitive hunters were looking for a very dangerous suspect who was committing crimes and making sure that he would rub authorities faces in it. Each time he robbed a bank or held up a convenience store, he posted something online to show his latest haul. My superiors were getting heat from the state, and my ream was getting embarrassed as the news stations began making us look like we could not do our job.


The trouble with this fugitive was he had a huge network of friends who would do anything to help him stay free. Not only were they buying the items he stole, they would provide him shelter, transportation, drugs, and even cover when the police got close. We knew getting information from these folks was a waste of time because they kept giving us misinformation so he could stay a step ahead.


At the local jail, we discovered he had a few enemies that were locked up because of being associated with crimes he committed. Although they would not talk to us directly, we had a secret weapon on our side. Securus Technologies is the team that installed the inmate call monitoring system throughout that prison, and it enables officers to get a peek into what really is being said on every call. The fact these same systems are in 2,500 jails is a testament to their effectiveness.


While we were still in the jail talking to inmates, officers told us they were picking up alerts from inmates talking about us being there. One inmate called his family to warn them not to house our suspect because they were under surveillance. They were not up until that point, but they were after we listened in closely to that call and found our fugitive sleeping one night there.

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