Fruitful, Smooth, and Evolutionary

Evolution of Smooth, did you know that’s what EOS stood for?? Well now you do, and you’re about to know a few more things about the product that has become so popular in the oral care industry, see for more stories.

To begin with, EOS lip balms are all-natural, meaning they are 95% organic, paraben and petrolatum free, and gluten free! This magical cocktail of ingredients ensures soft, smooth, and moisturized lips. They come in a wide range of both fruity and minty flavors. Such flavors include, Lemon Drop, Wildberry, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Vanilla Mint, Sweet Mint, and many more. Each flavor comes packaged in a different pastel colored sphere that matches the flavor.

These spheres twist to open however there is no need to take time in twisting once the cap is off because the balm is already accessible. This aspect of the EOS balms makes them more hygienic than the original packaging of lip balms that take time to twist up and are therefore exposed to germs for longer.

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Use these EOS lip balms to keep lips protected and moisturized all day and night. Due to lightweight nature of the lip balms they work perfectly as a primer for lipstick or simply a subtle covering for the lips.  Blog here.

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