Jim Tananbaum the Start-Ups Guru

Jim Tananbaum’s healthcare entrepreneurial and investment strategist experience of twenty-five years brought about the idea of Foresite Capital. A company that supply networks, information, and capital to new healthcare leaders. Healthcare innovation intrigues Jim. He is always looking forward to how new inventions that are made to tackle needs that are yet to be met. Mr. Tananbaum loves to study, he keeps looking for best and brightest solutions in science. Apart from learning, he loves to spend time with his family and especially having dinner together.

According to Jim Tananbaum, entrepreneurs should be individuals who are not afraid to take risks. He wished he believed in himself and taken the risk sooner. Mr. Tananbaum strategy to his successful business is to always think ahead, look at how things will be tomorrow and collaborate with the best. Even successful entrepreneurs at some point hit a wall and it is no different with Jim. In 2009, he had an opportunity to invest in companies that need capital, but his partners were reluctant. He decided to move out in 2010, but he could not get investors. Despite the hard situation, he worked tirelessly to bring his company to its feet and finally it paid off.

Jim’s education

Jim has a Bachelor of Science with major in Math and Computer Science from Yale University and a Master of Science in Information Theory from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Tananbaum also has an MBA from Harvard Business School. Even in high school, Jim Tananbaum had a passion for bringing together science, technology, and healthcare. Visit Medium to know more.

Jim Tananbaum’s career

Jim Tananbaum started his career at GelTex where he was the Co-founder and CEO and later became a board member when the company was acquired by Genzyme. He joined Sierra Ventures as a Partner and later he co-founded Theravance. From 2001 he was the Co-founder and Managing Director at Prospect Venture Partners and then went to Foresite Capital. The company has invested in more than seventy healthcare companies. His persistence, commitment, and his team’s dynamics have seen Foresite Capital grow and expand to what it is. Check out his About.me page

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