Earn Extra Money With The Traveling Vineyard

Whether you are a stay at home parent, a full time worker, or somewhere in between The Traveling Vineyard could be a good option for making some extra money or starting a successful business. As part of the direct sales industry, The Traveling Vineyard offers a range of flexible options for starting a wine based business from the comfort of your own home; extra money is always a good thing for most people and the chance to choose how much each person works is something every member of The Traveling Vineyard’s group of Wine Guide’s has the chance to decide for themselves.

The Traveling Vineyard differs from a number of direct sales companies who have created monthly fees that can make it difficult for the casual worker to create their work from home business. Unlike their rivals, The Traveling Vineyard does not charge monthly fees or require monthly minimums to maintain access to the program that requires only a small maintenance fee to be paid each month to keep a personalized Web page active for potential customers to look over.

Another major benefit of working with The Traveling Vineyard is the fact any schedule can be created that is as busy or relaxed as the individual Wine Guide chooses, including the chance to have some of the lowest overheads available in the direct sales industry. The Traveling Vineyard offers in home wine tastings that are held in the home of a client who works with their Wine Guide to develop a menu that will compliment the wines being tasted during the evening. The training offered by The Traveling Vineyard to its growing band of Wine Guide’s includes how to taste wines and a detailed breakdown of the benefits of each wine being tasted, along with advice on why specific foods benefit individual wine varieties.

Learn more about Traveling Vineyard: https://www.youtube.com/user/TravelingVineyard

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