Doe, Not the Deer

Doe Deere is one of those few and proud sensational fashion celebrities that come once in a lifetime and are never forgotten. The founder and current owner of Lime Crime, a top cosmetics brand for young women everywhere, this young entrepreneurial businesswoman knows how to make a bold move in fashion extravaganza. She has done it all, including meeting the famous Prince throughout her earlier career. Lime Crime has millions of followers and is available on nearly every social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snap Chat and even its own blog platform, where new or existing users may comment on the latest products. There’s not one sole word to describe this multi-faceted, multi-talented young leader and her business, because she captures the best of everything from wherever she goes and places it into every area of her personal and business life in a way that says “Be unique”.


Let’s Be Best Friends Forever, or Let’s Be BFF’S, is the top subscribing email news list that’s found on, Mrs. Deere’s official website and business company provider. The email list currently has millions of subscribers, and that list only further grows. Those who sign up will receive the latest tips and tricks in the fashion industry, blogs and videos for increased knowledge and fun, resource links to purchase products at discounted prices and even latest news happenings regarding Lime Crime or Mrs. Deere. If you want to see what color her hair is going to be next week, then you’ll have to subscribe and stay updated, and that itself is an inside story all of its own, a long and well-earned statement that deserves its own full paragraph just ahead. If you have not stopped reading up until this point, then do not stop now, for the next part is where things get exciting.


Mrs. Deere features her favorite colors in her products and in her hair as well. What do I mean by this statement? Well, whenever this fashion celebrity is interviewed by the media, her hair is usually dyed of a new or different color than it was dyed the last time, thus making a bold fashion statement of uniqueness and likewise trying out new things each time and attracting potential young customers to do the same in trying her line-up of products. Only a true expert in beauty, fashion, and flair may lead by example.


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