With Samuel Strauch on Board Everyone Wins

When Samuel Strauch started his career after attending Hofstra University in Hemstead, New York, he went into the banking industry. It was not long before he decided to help his family with their real estate business though. He found much personal success with the industry and decided to launch Metrik Holdings in southern Florida.

Using his financial and real estate background, Samuel Strauch’s company focuses on three different aspects of the industry. The first aspect is capital. Metrik capital’s goal is to help new and emerging hospitality and real estate development companies determine if this is the correct move for their company, develop a plan of action, and succeed in their financial endeavors. The next area is what they were originally known for, the real estate industry. The real estate is divided into selling and marketing and helping businesses obtain a property. Last area that Strauch’s Metrik focuses on is management. Their management area will help out land owners who wish to rent their properties to a business or person. Treating the home as if it was their own, this area thrives on success.

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In addition to being in South Florida, Metrik has extended their presence in Latin America. Having many successes, one might wonder what makes Strauch tick. He enjoys photography and meditation and believes in balance, understanding that experiences made him who he is today. When looking from the business aspect, it is important to focus on the win-win. Strauch believes you should want to win but that your employees and customers should win as well. With a successful leader on board, everyone wins.

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