Securus helped me keep from bankrupting my family while incarcerated

No one wants to find themselves on the inside of a jail cell. For the people who do find themselves on the inside of such a cell, they hope they spend as little time as possible. While this is an entirely understandable human reaction to being confined, it is not always a realistic one. Some races, statistically, are more likely to be convicted than others, whether they are guilty or not. In my case, I was guilty. It was a mistake and I regret it. I would understand if people choose not to believe these words. After all, how many times do people hear these words from a mouth of a prisoner leaving jail?


I will not go much into detail about the jail itself. The noise, the smells, and the lack of quality of the food must be experienced to be believed. I’ve experienced all things, and I do not wish anyone else to experience them. I am not someone who wants my suffering to be shared with others if I can help it. I have always been someone who wants to alleviate pain. Why was I imprisoned? I was caught with a few ounces of marijuana. A friend of mine had cancer and suffered from great pain daily. I thought I could bring it to him.


A police officer pulled me over for a broken tail light. It was bad luck as the tail light had been fine before the day before. He searched the car even though I objected. Officers do not always care about the law or the constitution. He found the marijuana and arrested me. I spent a few months in jail. While in jail, I tried to use phone cards to keep my collect call costs off of my family. Securus Technologies provided them at a reasonable price.

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