Lori Senecal and Innovative Spirit

When Lori Senecal first stepped into a classroom at McGill University in Montreal, she had no idea what she wanted to do. She chose classes in the business school because she knew that it would make her job search after college much easier. Once she started her classes, however, it became clear that she was meant to do advertising and marketing. She graduated from McGill with her Bachelor Degree in Commerce, Marketing, and Finance and began her journey to become one of the most influential and innovative executives that the advertising industry has ever seen.

Lori Senecal started off small, working at a tiny advertising firm in Canada. There she learned how to work with other agencies and clients to get them what they needed. She also learned here that innovation and finding different ways of doing things are key to making an advertising company work. Not only do these companies have to adapt to their competitors, but they also have to help their clients adapt to their client’s competitors. With this knowledge, she acted and quickly rose up the ladder.

Senecal became the Global Chief Innovation Officer at McCann Worldgroup, a global advertising agency, in 2006 in a report by PRNewsWire. She rose to the position of President of McCann Worldgroup NY shortly thereafter. Here she worked with clients to provide them with innovative solutions to their marketing problems. She was soon hired as the President and CEO of Kirshenbaum, Bond, (and soon Senecal) and Partners. Here she was recognized in the industry as being a leader in knowing how to get things done. In an interview with Campaign US, Senecal said that advertisers cannot just keep creating another network like all the others. She said that just scaling and growing cause a hierarchy to get in the way of creativity. It needs to be about the people that are being hired, not the processes that are being implemented.

It was with the people over process mentality that Lori Senecal made a name for herself. She was in the list of “Advertising Executives to Watch” by Advertising Age in 2014 and 2016. She was allowed to be a Judge for the prestigious Isaac Award, an award that celebrates innovation and invention in the field. She even won a Game Changer Award from the Advertising Women of New York.

According to Campaignlive Lori Senecal makes it clear that with enough hard work you can get anywhere in life. She went from a student that did not know what she wanted to do with her life to an executive, and she made it all happen with a little innovative spirit.

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