Intelligent Beauty, Adam Goldenberg’s Brainchild

Adam Goldenberg is an entrepreneur, who has had a hand in many businesses like Gamer’s Alliance, Intermix Media, and Intelligent Beauty. Although a college dropout, Adam is a man who has been fortunate enough to lead a highly successful life. It is in the year 2006 that Intermix Media was sold off to News Corp, and Goldenberg thus had to think of something else to do.

Later in 2006, he and co-partner Don Ressler formed Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce company. Intelligent Beauty is an online corporation developed after Adam and his partner realized that they could make more impact selling fashionable attire through social media. Before setting up this online platform, Goldenberg and Ressler had to hire designers and style consultants on to contribute to making the shopping experience for online shoppers engaging and entertaining. Understanding social media trends is one of the reasons as to why Adam’s endeavors in Intelligent Beauty have become successful.

Apart from selling attire and beauty products, Intelligent Beauty shows women how to dress up in different fashions starting from clothes, shoes, and makeup. In the few years of Intelligent Beauty’s existence, Adam Goldenberg has been instrumental in developing the company brand. The company website allows items to ship to different locations on demand, and also allows previous customers and especially women to share their personal shopping experiences at It is these direct bonds that have helped Intelligent Beauty retain clients in the long run.

Adam together and Don rely on technology so as to make their business successful. It is Adam’s belief that the world we live in keeps on changing, and for one to make a great impact especially in the fashion industry on, he ought to advance with innovations so as to remain relevant. Finally, Adam’s creation-Intelligent Beauty works by way of active subscriptions.

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