The Traveling Vineyard:Having Fun While Selling Wine

The Traveling Vineyard is a direct to the consumer wine selling company founded by marketing expert Rick Libby in 2001. The company’s business model is simple. Wine guides arrange wine tasting events in people’s homes.

During the events guests are given the opportunity to taste five different types of wines from The Traveling Vineyard’s exclusive collection. They are also taught how to pair the right wine with meals. At the end of the evening they are given the opportunity to purchase the wines they like and register to become a wine guide themselves. Wine guides get 35% of the money guests spend on wine at the event. Usually that’s between $100 and $150.

Anyone can become a wine guide with The Traveling Vineyard. You do not have to be a wine expert. The company provides all the training and resources necessary to transform wine lovers into wine guides. Since the company’s first wine tasting event in Tampa, Florida in 2001, events have been held throughout the country. These days there are wine guides from coast to coast hosting fun, relaxing wine tasting events, introducing people to fine wines from The Traveling Vineyard and making a decent living while enjoying what they do.

The Traveling Vineyard offers people of any age or sex the opportunity to turn their love of wine and hosting into a lucrative, low-stress career. Getting people to come together to have fun and drink wine is easy. The gatherings are held in the homes of friends and acquaintances and the primary goal is to expose people to the wines The Traveling Vineyard has to offer. The experience feels like a vineyard tour where you are a given information about wines and samples to try. It is such a fun experience it doesn’t feel like work at all.

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