Talking to Arthur Becker about his Career and Life

When it comes to executive leadership, Arthur Becker has proven to be the best. Arthur Becker is currently involved with a company called the Madison Partners LLC as a managing partner. Under his leadership, the firm has developed an interest in early stage biotech ventures as well as the real estate. Before his current role, Arthur Becker served as the chief executive officer and chairman of a digital newsstand called the Zinio. He spent three years with Zinio ending his tenure in 2015. Before Zinio, Arthur Becker worked with the Navisite as their chief executive officer.

Navisite specialized in offering internet services under his reign. The company also specialized in other technological services such as hosting with a customer base in the United States and the United Kingdom. During this period, he also managed to expand the company’s services to India and Canada. Other than technology and real estate, Arthur Becker has been involved in the fashion with a firm called the Vera Wang Fashion, He has been with this company for over seven years now.

In a Bloomberg interview, Arthur Becker says that he does not have busy days like before when he used to work with the Zinio and Navisite. Instead, he can now concentrate on personal ventures such as the construction of Town Houses on Sullivan St. that is located in New York City. Arthur Becker says that he is planning to build a luxury condominium in the Tribeca region. Arthur Becker brings his ideas to life by working with people he respects. Among the things he finds fascinating is the entitlement and financing stages of each project. He is a firm believer of coordination and organization in the implementation of goals that have been put in place. According to Arthur Becker, his greatest challenge in life is the ability to balance the drive of critical thinking with the passion that is associated with the desire. However, the secret lies in having clarity of vision coupled with the desire to succeed in your endeavors.

According to Arthur Becker, success is a journey and not a destination. He tried many times before succeeding. He says that he learned from the failures and they did not hinder his success. TO learn more, visit


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