Helane Morrison: A Beacon Of Integrity And Trust In The Corporate Compliance Industry

Hall Capital Partners Chief Compliance Officer Helane Morrison is a woman with a solid legal background and vast experience with the law. She also has a reputation for upholding the highest ethical standards. At Hall Capital she has helped to give investors confidence that they are a company people can trust. Working with her staff she ensures regulatory compliance, integrity and accountability within the company. She also makes sure every investment the company makes for its clients are ethical and solid and the mutual fund advisors, financial advisors and brokerage firms working with their client’s money can be trusted.


Since joining Hall Capital Partners in 2007 as CCO and general counsel, Morrison has been promoted to general manager and executive committee member. This has helped to give people more confidence in the company during the financial crisis which started in 2008. Among San Francisco’s largest advisory firms, Hall Capital Partners has been the recipient of large amount of investment capital because of the confidence they instill in their customers. Assertive, sharp and hardworking, Morrison has made an indelible impression with her work in the compliance field. If she sees an anomaly her enforcement team takes disciplinary action that includes correction practices and pressing criminal charges.


Helane Morrison has a BA from Northwestern University and a juris doctor from the UC Berkeley School of Law. She was editor-in-chief of the California Law Review and served as a law clerk for Appeals Court Judge Richard Posner and Justice Harry Blackmun of the U.S. Supreme Court. From 1986 to 1996 she was also an attorney for the San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. She was made a partner in 1991. She then went on to head the Securities and Exchange Commission’s San Francisco Office for 11 years. After three years she was promoted to regional director.


As regional director Morrison handled regulatory compliance, enforcement and litigation matters for the SEC in Northern California and other states in the Northwest. While representing the SEC in financial communities, business relations, legal issues and government agencies, she brought cases against many top companies. She also exposed the insurance company American Amicable’s sale of false securities to tens of thousands of military personnel through deception. A member of the American Bar Association and on the board of the Regional Parks Foundation board, Morrison regularly gives talks investment advisories compliance and legal issues.

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